Nightlife in Playa del Carmen

Pez Vela Bar & RestaurantOne of my favorite spots to visit when I’m vacationing in the Riviera Maya is 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen.  Most hotels offer a complimentary shuttle, or you can take a taxi or local bus.  On my most recent visit to Riviera Maya, I stayed at the Iberostar Tucan and the taxi ride only set me back $5.  5th Avenue is a great place to visit for shopping or a few drinks during the day, and it is even better at night when many of the nightclubs come alive.

I enjoy having a few drinks and people watching.  My favorite spot for daytime fun is a corner bar called Pez Vela.  Pez Vela is located just a short stroll from the main shopping plaza on 5th Avenue and Calle 2.  But I have to say, my favorite feature at Pez Vela are the bar stools.  Well, they’re not exactly stools…they’re swings.  You can swing at the bar, have a few drinks, watch sports on the big screen TV or, if you’re not too dizzy from the swings, you can play a game of pool.  The drinks are reasonably priced and the food is good.

Pez Vela is a fun casual place to enjoy your day or to take a break from shopping.  It opens early in the morning and is usually busy until around midnight.  So next time you’re in Playa, be sure to stop by and go for a swing.  Who knows… I just might be right next to you.

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