What Should You Share with Your Travel Agent?

What is important information to share with my travel agent when planning a trip?

When planning a trip, your travel agent will likely ask you:

1) where would you like to go; 2) what time of year did you want to travel; and, 3) what is your budget? All critical pieces of information as they begin to suggest vacation destinations for you and your family.
However, there are a number of other items that are equally as important, but unfortunately sometimes overlooked. In this day of communicating electronically, or over the phone, some important details could be left out that make a huge difference in the trip you book.

For instance, we received a letter from a passenger who was upset with the resort she visited. This passenger went on to say, “that resort was not appropriate for a 79 year old woman.” Apple Vacations agrees 100 percent, and had they known Mrs. X was 79 and had physical limitations, we probably would have suggested a smaller resort with specific handicapped facilities and perhaps a private transfer to and from the airport. However, it was Mrs. X’s son who booked the trip through a phone call with his travel agent. Mrs. X’s son never shared information about his mother’s limitations. Sadly now, we have a customer who did not have the most enjoyable vacation.

Along with the help of our valued travel agents, it is Apple Vacations goal to please 100 percent of our customers, 100 percent of the time. Information is key to us being able to plan the perfect trip for you and make sure you are 100 percent satisfied with your Apple Vacations experience.

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