Why Use a Travel Agent?

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Why would I ever book through a travel agent when I can get the same price online myself?

The better question is …

Why would I ever book online myself when I can get the service, experience and knowledge of a travel agent for the same price?

If you could buy a new laptop online for $999 or buy it through a retailer down the street for the same price and get a $100 gift card for future purchases, where would you buy the laptop?

From the retailer, of course, because they offer added VALUE and a human face down the street to contact in case of any problems with the product.  The same is true with travel agents.

One of the common myths is that travel agents mark up prices and hide them in their quotes to boost their bottom lines. This is not the case when using a travel agent to book an Apple Vacation.  In fact, all prices offered on AppleVacations.com are the exact same prices offered when you buy an Apple Vacation through a local travel agent.

If the price is the same either way, wouldn’t you rather have the benefit of an experienced professional who handles the details from start to finish?

Travel agents attend in-depth training seminars, trade shows, webinars — and most importantly, they get to experience first-hand many of the best selling destinations. They also have access to the latest deals through sales calls, catalogs and daily communication with tour companies, such as Apple Vacations. These agents then take all of this knowledge offer it to customers for FREE!

To find a professional travel agent in your area, please click on this link:  http://tinyurl.com/cszlmf

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