Apple Advantages for Groups

090619_groups1The more I talk to friends and family, the more I am seeing them taking group vacations for various occasions.  Those events include Family or Class Reunions, Destination Weddings, Business and Incentive groups, or just a group of friends getting away for a few days.  Regardless of the occasion, it has become more common to see groups traveling together.  I have a friend that traveled with a group to Cancun and watched the NCAA Final Four.  The hotel set up a 30-foot screen on the beach with drinks and appetizers for the guests.  What else could a group of friends ask for then to have free food and drinks in perfect tropical weather while watching one of America’s favorite sporting events on a giant screen on the beach.

I like to remind friends and family to check with Apple Vacations to see if they are running specials for groups.  Just call into Apple’s Group Department, ask for assistance and see if there are any special group deals. With Apple Vacations, there are special prices for groups, complimentary trips for the group leader or leaders, upgrades and special perks for a bride and groom getting married and bringing a group with them for the wedding, and so much more that can be offered for a group traveling together. The options are endless when you travel with a group!

Find out more information about the benefits of traveling as a group with Apple Vacations.

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