Ask An Agent – When Was Their Last Fam Trip?

Jimmy Buffett put it best: “Don’t try to describe the ocean if you’ve never seen it. Don’t ever forget that you just may wind up being wrong”. Well, that is the value of a Destination Familiarization Trip in a nutshell. “Fams” are the business trips that professional travel agents take to learn more about destinations and resorts, so that they can better match their customer’s needs to the right vacation. And, though it might sound like fun, they are generally hard work. You can read books, look at pictures, read blogs and testimonials, but in the end, until you have stepped foot in the actual hotel yourself, inspected its day-to-day condition, not all prettied up for a photo shoot, you cannot accurately describe it. Additionally, you cannot sense the feel of a resort from pictures or blogs – you need to walk through it, try the food, sit on the bed, have a drink, talk to the staff, walk the beach, speak to the guests – and only then can you have a true appreciation for the hotel. For this reason, members of the Apple Vacations Sales Team escort travel agents to our key destinations and hotels on a monthly basis. Apple Vacations is unique among travel companies in that we consistently provide these educational opportunities to travel agents, so that they can better serve our mutual customers.

The Jamaica Tourist Board has a fantastic slogan, “Once you go, you know!” And they’re right, everyone else is just guessing. Ask An Agent, ask someone who knows.

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