Getting Around Cancun’s Hotel Zone

090625_busWhen staying in the Cancun Hotel Zone, there is so much to do outside of the resort.  This week I’ll share a few ways to get around to the hot spots in Cancun at very little cost.  For organized excursions, you’ll still want the advice of the local Apple Resort Representative, but if you just want to head out for shopping, dining, or nightlife, there are a few inexpensive transportation options.

The cheapest among them are the local busses.  For just a few pesos per ride (about .50¢ USD), you can go from the southern end of the Hotel Zone through Punta Cancun, where you will find many of the nightclubs, local markets, and shopping malls.

The buses continue all the way to downtown Cancun, where you can shop among the hustle and bustle of the locals, or check out the flea markets frequented by the tourists.  Dress comfortably for your bus ride.  The local busses are open-air, so it can get warm.  If you are staying within the Hotel Zone, these busses will get you anywhere in the Zone cheaply and quickly. Also, they run frequently.  Maybe it’s just me…but it seems like at least five busses pass every minute.

Another option, if you know your final destination and are looking for a more comfortable ride, is to take a local taxi.  Most hotel lobbies will have a sign near the entrance listing the cab fare to the most popular spots.  If not, you can check with a lobby attendant or, just tell the cab driver your destination and ask for the total fare up front so there is no confusion once you get to where you’re going.  Most cab fares within the Hotel Zone are not  more than $7 or $8 USD, plus a tip.

Lastly, if there are more than three of you making the trip, the lobby attendant can call a van that can accommodate larger groups.  The cost of the van is just slightly more than what you’d pay for the cab, and your group can depart and arrive together.  Prices for specific destinations should be confirmed with the van driver before you depart.

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  1. That’s right. When Visiting Cancun we must to check for cheaper alternatives. If we prefer to stay in the hotel, ok. But if you want to explore a little more, you’ll find the best options.

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