Girls Getaway for Celebrating the Big 3-0

090626_girlsWhen I graduated from high school at the age of 18, I had no idea what my life would be like when I turned 30 – except the fact that my two best friends from elementary school would be by my side to help me celebrate. A recent Girls Getaway to Cancun was just that – a way to celebrate my 30th birthday and a long-lasting friendship.

What better way then to celebrate the start of my 30s than waking up in an ocean view room, listening to the waves roll in on the shore?  Every girl out there that needs to get away from it all – it’s time to grab your girlfriends and head to Cancun – the perfect place for a Girls Getaway!

Our precious “girl-time” consisted of laying on the beach and drinking frozen drinks with mini umbrellas in them, reading in the hot sun, reconnecting with our feet dangling in the pool and laughing at each other while making memories that pictures and stories will never live up to.

090626_girls2For anyone looking to go on a Girls Getaway, Cancun is your place. Most hotels are in walking distance of many shopping areas.  Some resorts offer packages specifically for Girls Getaways, including discounts on spa treatments, special excursions, and in-resort amenities such as upgrades. The nightlife in Cancun is amazing and the short distance from the airport to the hotel zone makes a short weekend even longer! While in Cancun, we felt perfectly safe and have already started to plan our next Girls Getaway, again in Cancun!

My Cancun Girls Getaway strengthened friendships and brought back those silly memories hidden deep in my mind. A Girls Getaway is a sure way to relax, laugh and reconnect with those girls you love most.

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  1. Hi Nicole! I am so glad you had a fabulous time in Cancun. My daughter is turning 21 in June and i am taking her and 2 of her best friends to Cancun so I have a couple of questions for you (if you don’t mind)….Where did ya’ll stay? Would you stay there again?

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