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090604_siteWhen navigating a website, there are many ways to find information. I generally like to go right to the root of the information I’m looking for before going on a wild goose chase. That’s why the site map is often my favorite place. On you can find the site map as a link towards the very bottom of the page.  The site map will allow you to drill down to the page you are looking for by clicking on the expand button and searching alphabetically.

Here are a few other places I recommend that visitors begin their search:

  • Flights link will detail all of the major departure cities our vacation flights depart from along with the day of the week and the duration the flights.
  • Our newly enhanced specials page – most times, you can find this menu by clicking on the Last Minute Deals ad on our homepage. This new technology allows you to sort specials by highest to lowest price, specific durations, multiple gateways. All with ease and speed.

Check out some of these features and let me know what you think. In the coming months we’ll add more based on your feedback. Enjoy your visit!

2 thoughts on “How to Navigate

  1. I’ve used the Apple site numerous times for booking to the Carribean. I’ve always liked Apple’s service. The web site is a different story. It continues to be a total kludge. Broken links, confusing information and on and on. A twelve year old could spend an hour navigating the site and discover enough bugs to keep a developer working for a month.

  2. Al we always like to hear the good with the bad so we can improve our website for all of our customers. Please email your suggestions to and we will investigate your findings and where and when possible will incorporate needed enhancements during upcoming website releases. Thanks for your feedback.

    To lisa cu, typically the more passengers in the room you have the lower the price is per person. However, this does not hold true for all hotels. Room occupancy rates vary from hotel to hotel.

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