Strolling El Malecón in Puerto Vallarta

090611_malecon1If you haven’t yet been to Puerto Vallarta, you’ve got to go. It’s at the top of my list for favorite places in Mexico. One of the great things about Vallarta is the diversity of things to do while you are there. From exploring the Sierra Madre Mountains, walking the cobblestone streets of downtown Vallarta, whale watching in Banderas Bay to strolling El Malecón, there’s something for everyone.

For me, my favorite nighttime activity is to walk the El Malecón promenade and enjoy the booming music from the nightclubs, mingle with the various locals and tourists taking in the nighttime air as the breeze blows in from the Ocean and perusing the various wares on sale from the artists. Once I’m finished my stroll….it’s time to hit the clubs. For those who’ve never been here’s a quick hit list of clubs within walking distance of El Malecón that you might find interesting.

The Zoo – It defines this area of Puerto Vallarta. The music is great and the décor is tropical. When walking El Malecón you can look up to see partiers dancing in the windows ledges. If you’re really adventurous, there are cages there to dance in as well. Be sure to take some pics.

Hilo – If you’re into dancing on the bar….then this is the place. The music is great…usually current Top 40 and Progressive Dance music. It’s a great atmosphere and has awesome views of El Malecón.

BeBotero – If you’re into watching bands play, then you’ll love BeBotero. The BeBotero plays live local bands and is decorated with portraits of famous celebrities painted in the style of artist Fernando Botero (Chubby & Blushing). Service is incredible at this place. You never have to wait for a thing.

Mandala – This is the newest addition to the scene and is enormous.  It has an open-air front bar that is front and center on the Malecón and is reasonably priced.  The place draws huge crowds at night…so make sure you’re dressed comfortably.

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