The Real Deal on Square Deals

090610_squaredealHas your friend or coworker gone away on an Apple Vacation for an amazing price at a fabulous resort… How did they do it, you ask?

Apple Vacations offers Square Deals. Square Deals are amazing offers where you pick the departure date, location of travel and the hotel rating and Apple Vacations picks the hotel. By doing this, the hotel can offer some amazing rates without associating their name with such a low price. Why would they do this?   They may have unusually low occupancy for a week for an unexpected reason such as a big group cancellation, and they need to fill the rooms.

Square Deals offer a great value to Apple vacationers looking for an unbeatable value. If you buy a Square Deal you must understand ahead of time which hotels are included in each Apple rating category so you understand the potential hotels you may be booked into.

You should not book Square Deals if you need a specific resort, need the hotel information ahead of time, have special dietary restrictions, or need to book multiple rooms. All travelers booked on a Square Deal, even on the same date, may not go to the same hotel.

Here are some FAQ’s:

Q – When do I find out my hotel?

A – Passengers find out the hotel at the airport when they check in for their departing flight. This way you still have plenty of time to call home and leave contact information and the hotel name. If a passenger is flying from an airport that does not have an Apple rep, they will find out a day prior to departure.

Q  –  What if I get there and do not like the hotel?

A – This is a rare occurrence. Most people are happy with the hotel they have been given for the price they have paid. In the event you are unhappy the Apple Representative in resort can provide options for moving. But keep in mind since the Square Deal was sold at such a negotiated discounted rate, to move to a hotel with an equal Apple rating may be substantial.

Q – Can I request a specific hotel?

A – No, hotel requests and specific room requests cannot be made for Square Deals.

Q – Are Square Deals ever to a specific Hotel Chain versus an Apple rating?

A – Yes, at times a chain such as Dreams Resorts & Spas or Iberostar Hotels & Resorts will offer a Square Deal. They can offer this for any hotel in the chain, in a vacation destination or by any hotel in their chain at a specific Apple rating.

So if you are just a little bit flexible and want a great deal on your next Apple vacation, book an Apple Vacations Square Deal!

4 thoughts on “The Real Deal on Square Deals

  1. Booked a 6 apple square deal AI #5 for Riveria Maya said no one under 18 does that mean we will get adults only?

  2. Have booked 10+ Jamaica Negril Square deals – used to stay at Riu Tropical Bay until they opened the Riu Negril – been Riu Negril for the past 5 years or so. Great Great Times.

  3. We booked a 5 square deal for the maya last Feb, and found out in line at the Detroit airport where we were headed. It was awesome and can’t complain. We had the iberostar paraiso del mar. I would do it again forsure.

  4. We have travel on Apple for the last ten years and never had a bad trip. We always go with 4 apple or better. The people and resorts have always exceed our expectations. We have done several square deals and been we pleased.

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