The Small Details Make the Big Difference

Thanks to my job, I travel a considerable amount both throughout the U.S. and also in Mexico and the Caribbean. The more I travel, I realize that my true enjoyment is based on the small details and not the big ticket items many hotels advertise to consumers.  A good example is the relaxation offered by not having restrictions or reservations at a la carte restaurants on your all-inclusive vacation.  Many all-inclusives only guarantee a client can eat at an a la carte restaurant three out of the seven nights of your vacation.  You have to choose days in advance which nights you want to eat at a nice restaurant, choose the cuisine you want to eat days in advance, and some hotels make you wake up the same day and make your reservation before 10:00am in the morning.  This is not relaxing to me.

Other resorts have no restaurant reservations or restrictions, which allows you to sleep in as late as you like in the morning and head straight for the beach or pool, not to the lobby to make a reservation.  Relax all day as long as you like, without ever worrying about what time you need to stop relaxing and rush to make your dinner reservation.  When you are finally rested and sunburnt, head to your room, relax on the balcony, read a book and then when you feel like it, get dressed and go to dinner at the restaurant of your choice.  Far more relaxing and one of the small details that consumers do not consider when choosing a hotel for their vacation. Some great hotels that don’t require restaurant reservations or have other restrictions are the Ocean Hotels by H10, Palladium Hotels, Iberostar Grand Hotels and Secrets, Dreams and Zoetry Resorts.

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