Travel Tips from a Customer Service Expert – Part 2

Continued from last week….

Packing Tips:

  • Pack only what you can put into your carry-on luggage. Travel is much faster this way and depending on the airline, much cheaper.
  • Valuables, medicines (Benadryl -a must), sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray, swim suit/cover-up, flip-flops, electronics, are a must.
  • Also make sure to include an extra 3 days of any prescription medicine you take for emergencies.
  • Don’t carry scissors or metal objects that can cut (i.e. clippers) with you unless you are going to check your luggage.
  • Stick to your apparel list. Rule of Thumb: Mix-n-Match clothes to reduce volume.
  • Pack lightweight garments that breathe and can dry quickly.
  • Use every space imaginable, i.e. inside shoes, pocketbooks, even on your person, etc.
  • Dress up for your flight, it’s one less thing to pack and it’s a great way to start your vacation.
  • Roll clothes and lay dresses flat (stop wrinkles by rolling clothes in the plastic wrap from the dry cleaner bags-it works great!)
  • Put all liquids in plastic bags – liquids shouldn’t be more than 3oz bottles and put in a 1-quart clear bag. Check out the official FAA Guidelines for specifics.
  • Keep candy and gum in a pocket.
  • Always pack a light sweater for the evening and a travel umbrella.
  • If you like your drinks cold, pack an insulated mug or a huggie for the beach.
  • Never pack your documents or passports. They should be accessible at all times.
  • Pack dry snacks (preferably with protein) to help handle possible flight delays.

The Night Before…Smile!

The night before a trip is fun…and excitement is in the air! Everyone’s packed and ready! The anticipation is building! But, there are miles to go before the sunglasses are down and the “Drink of the Day” is in hand for the person organizing a trip until all the dirty details are done! At this point The “Fun Police” in me kicks into high gear knowing that this is the last chance I have to put the final touches on our plans. After fifteen years, the job is much easier because I’ve learned to relax, turn on some tunes, review my lists and…grab something cold to drink! Before you know it… Apple Vacations will have you on the Beach!  Smile…here we go now!

Night Before To-Dos:

  • Keep kids busy by checking out their vaca spot at Have them learn one or two words in the language specific to your destination to be used in resort (i.e. bathroom, pizza).
  • Leave copies of your passport, along with the hotel name and phone number, with a friend or neighbor.
  • Set out passports (and another copied set), travel documents, a pen (to fill out customs forms), and an extra credit card.
  • Use a lanyard with the clear plastic pocket to keep all the paperwork together and easily accessible.
  • Essentials: gum and candy (for the flight), magazines and games for the kids, and one dollar bills for tipping.
  • Set alarm…you may need to set two if you’re a heavy sleeper. Give yourself extra time, as Airport Security can be very long.
  • Verify the flight departure time the night prior, and check in with airline when possible.

And finally, here are a few more common sense travel tips before you can relax.

  • Always check flight tracker the night before your trip and arrive early to check-in.
  • Check your boarding pass for gate and seat info.  Don’t wander too far from the gate so that you can hear the announcements.
  • Be smart about your surroundings – use common sense. Don’t leave your bags unattended at the airport and keep vigilant in resort (i.e. if you take a cab, make sure to note cab number in case you leave something in the cab).
  • Consider taking an excursion – swimming with the dolphins is truly one of the greatest experiences ever!
  • Apply your sunscreen before you head out to the beach or pool, to allow time to properly absorb.
  • Don’t bring or use computers or cell phones. You’re on a vacation and if you have to use the business center, you can.
  • Get clean pool towels before you return to your room at the end of the day-it makes it easier in the morning. They also come in handy as mats on the tile floor in the bathroom to make a non-slip surface.

Relax, enjoy, and have a great Apple Vacation!

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