Travel Tips from a Customer Service Expert

Hi there! My name is Eileen Monroe, and I am a seasoned Applelite of 15 years!  I started in Reservations as an agent, moved to Groups, then used my Penn State University degree in Education to slide into the Training Department. Later I became a floor supervisor, a manager and now, a pre-travel specialist as the Senior Manager of Apple Vacations’ Core Customer Service.

I’ve been around so long ’cause I love Apple, love the industry, and all the amazing travel opportunities that it allowed me to share with my family and friends. Each trip has left us with memories of a lifetime!  I’ve learned a lot of travel dos and don’ts over the years, which I’d like to share with you.

When traveling, my kids nicknamed my husband “Father Fun,” and with great affection called me, ” The Fun Police” because I always worry about the details.  So, let me give you the best of both worlds…including fun travel tips that will allow you to focus on your trip and not on what was forgotten!   So, whether you’re traveling alone, as a couple, or with friends or family, here are some tips to send you on your way with a Big Apple Vacations Smile!

International Travel: Do-Ahead Tips…Just Can’t Wait!
You’ve picked your trip and can’t wait to be carefree for a few days!  No cooking, no cleaning, no laundry!  Here’s where the Fun Police steps in.  Don’t relax just yet…there are things that need to be looked over, things that need to done!   No vacation comes without a little organizing and prep work.  Years of trial and error (and helping Apple customers) have given me a few tips.

  • Check your passports or green card two months prior for its expiration date.
  • Check out if your hotel has an iron, umbrellas, hair dryer, slippers, etc.  Is the hair dryer attached to the wall?  Is it strong enough to dry your hair?
  • If you plan to take an excursion, check it out thoroughly before you get there.  Ask questions regarding safety issues, medical care (distance), experience of the guide, etc.
  • Call your health insurance company to ask questions regarding coverage while out of the country.  Call your credit card company and let them know your travel dates.  Get emergency numbers for both, if they offer one.
  • Make two copies of your credit card(s) (front & back), green card or passport, and hotel name/phone number.  Leave the info with a friend or family member.

International Travel: Packing Tips…Humming Along!
Packing is essential to your trip.  You gotta look the part on vacation to feel good!  Getting dressed for dinner is always a highlight of the trip and makes the perfect photo op as everyone looks crisp and colorful glowing from their new tan. Packing can be fun, but it can also be frustrating when the packing conflict starts: what I need vs. what I want.  This is the point where you will over-pack if you’re not careful.  The easiest way to pack is to select the proper amount of clothing, then pick your favorite outfits for the number of days and nights of your trip.  Then cut it in half by selecting items that can be mixed and matched so you have just the right amount of clothing for your trip.   Once selected, stick to it!

Next week:  More Tips from Eileen Monroe!

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  1. Hi, we just booked a 6 apple square deal for punta cana. It shows standard swim out room & king bed- we are working w/a travel agency. They explained the square deal is random. I must express- this trip is for our HONEYMOON & we are a little bit nervous of the decision, not knowing where we are going to stay. We absolutely do not want to be at a family resort. We Need to be at an Adults only. we don’t want to hear crying babies or screaming kids. Help? any advice..

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