Traveling with a Toddler – Take 2

090603_toddlerThere were too many tips for traveling with a toddler to limit them to one blog.  Any parent knows that traveling with children requires advanced preparation and endless patience.

Hopefully these five tips will help your trip go smoothly:

The picky eater – I have always found in resorts that there was no problem with food and drinks. Most resorts in Mexico & The Caribbean & Hawaii have plenty of juices and bottled water. They also have fancy (non alcoholic) drinks. He loved to order and drink from “strawberry daiquiris,” “spider mans,” and “mudslides.” Most restaurants offer a good supply of foods your child will find familiar for all meals such as pancakes, fresh fruit, salad, crackers, rolls and the child friendly chicken nuggets, burgers, pizza and hot – dogs.

Walking, walking, walking – Keep in mind the distances you have to walk. At home my son no longer is in a stroller. He’s 4 and big enough to walk most places. In Disney, with all the walking I would never question bringing a stroller. But for Mexico, I thought we would not need it. After being there 15 minutes I realized we did. Consider packing a small umbrella stroller – you could even leave it behind after a week of good use.

Swimming – My son cannot swim on his own yet, and on our first trip to Cancun I did not bring him a life jacket. He was so dependent upon us in the pool…. I immediately went to buy one and every trip since, have brought it.  It lets him have more fun and freedom.

Sun block vigilance – The sun is stronger in different parts of the world. At home SPF 50 in the morning is usually fine, but on vacation I always buy the strongest I can find and put it on multiple times during the day. I start in the morning in the hotel room before the swimsuit is even on so no skin is missed. Also test the brand you buy, especially if it is new, on their skin before you go on vacation to make sure there are no reactions. We also take multiple swim shirts, sunglasses and hats on vacation so there is no chance of a burn.  This may be the last, but most important tip as not only is a bad sunburn dangerous to their health it can also ruin a trip for everyone.

Check Expiration Dates – A valid passport is needed for travel in Mexico and the Caribbean.  Check all expiration dates of the ID you plan to use. Children’s passports are not valid as long as adults, so even if you all got a passport together several years ago, they may not all still be valid today.

Stay tuned for future blogs on how to prepare your child for a foreign destination vacation, resort specific family ideas and kids’ camps!

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