Why Pay for What is Free? Ask An Agent!

aaa_promoCall it petty, but it frustrates me when I walk into a men’s room and after I wash my hands a gentleman hands me a paper towel and expects a payment in return for his “service”. I do not want to pay someone for a service that I prefer to do myself. That being said, I will gladly pay for a service that benefits me.  If you are offering expertise or peace of mind, then I am interested. Or if I am too busy and I want the convenience of hiring someone to take the planning out of my hands, again, I will pay for it. For example, I could plan an event myself or I could hire a professional event planner. I could attempt to organize the clutter in my closet, maybe build a closet organizer, or I could hire an organization consultant to show me how to do it better. I am not just paying for the physical product, like the hardware in the closet or the food at the event, but I am paying for the service, which in many cases saves you money on the product. More importantly, you will enjoy the product more knowing you made a smart informed decision. You received the right advice for the best price. Well that’s why I say, Ask An Agent! Get the right advice and receive the best price when you plan your vacation through a travel agent, and with Apple Vacations, you’ll get it for the same price as booking it yourself!

There are plenty of companies out there, whether located in a brick and mortar retail store or on-line, who will gladly offer you the least expensive price, but nothing more. If you have a special request, the response is “I gave you the least expensive price, don’t expect anything more from me”. Well as a consumer, I don’t necessarily want the lowest price, I want the best price, the one that combines a good value with service as well.  I want to know if I have a question, someone’s going to answer it and, if something goes wrong, I want to know that someone is going to fix it. I don’t want an automated answering machine or a list of FAQs on a website; I don’t want to call another country. I want a person and I want one who knows what they are talking about and cares specifically about my vacation. The average American receives two weeks of vacation, and we want the peace of mind to know our hard earned dollars and vacation days will be spent wisely and used to their fullest potential.

At Apple Vacations, we have worked with Travel Agents for 40 years because we believe their service ultimately leads to higher customer satisfaction and increased repeat clientele. If travel agents can help our customers plan the Apple Vacation that perfectly suits their needs, then we can rest assured our mutual clients will be fully satisfied and come back to us in the future. For this reason, whether you book online all by yourself at Apple Vacations with no advice from a professional travel agent, or if you Ask An Agent for the Right Advice, allow them to take care of all the research, planning, booking and details, you will receive the exact same price. With Apple Vacations, not only do you Ask An Agent for the Best Price, you Ask An Agent for the Right Advice and the Same Price!

Find a professional travel agent today!

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