Why Protect Your Vacation Investment?

090622_avokApproximately 80% of Apple Vacations travelers choose to buy “AVOK” travel protection when offered at the time of booking.  The other 20% who do not are under the mistaken impression that the only reason they need this coverage is if they were to cancel their trip.  As most are anxiously awaiting their anticipated vacation, they think “I have no intention of canceling, I don’t need insurance”.  Inevitably, it is these same would-be travelers that will wind up breaking a leg the day before they are supposed to travel, or worse yet experience the death of someone close to them.  Unfortunately, the vacation they have dreamed about for so long has now become a nightmare, and instead of lying on a tropical beach somewhere, they are in the hospital or at a loved one’s funeral.  The sad fact is that for these passengers who elected not to purchase AVOK , there is no way to redeem their trip at a later date! However, those who did elect insurance can still look forward to their long anticipated vacation at no additional cost to them (other than the initial cost of insurance $49 – $99 depending on duration, etc) *.

Suppose again, this same would-be traveler who opted not to purchase the insurance is now safely in resort enjoying themselves and thinking “I knew I wasn’t going to cancel, money well saved!”.  Then without warning they are suddenly diagnosed with appendicitis at the local resort hospital and need emergency surgery!  What now?  Well, without the optional AVOK coverage, all medical bills and possible medical flight home back to the states (the medical flight alone runs about $20,000) is up to the customer to pay up-front as many of our personal health insurance companies back here in the U.S. might not cover these types of out of country emergencies!

However, the passenger that did purchase AVOK?  They are not obligated to pay for the same medical bills after all, or flight home should the doctors agree that is the best course.  In retrospect, that $49 to $99 seems like quite a deal after all, and it is!  So much coverage and peace of mind for so little money is invaluable! We insure our cars, our belongings and our valuables, why not protect your vacation, honeymoon or destination wedding?  These are often priceless memories we set out to create, and they too deserve to be protected.

Some other advantages to buying AVOK are: best price guarantee in case the price you paid actually goes down before you leave; coverage in the event the airline loses your luggage; theft of belongings while you are on vacation; pesky hurricanes that decide to visit your destination at the same time as you do (allowing you to reschedule for a later date); mechanical or weather delays that cause you to miss a day (or more) of your trip; meals and miscellaneous expenses incurred as a result of the delay; and more, but most importantly you will get peace of mind to enjoy your long awaited vacation.  In short, this is “cancel for any reason” coverage (yes, even bad hair days qualify)!

*For more information about Apple Vacations AVOK TravelProtection, just follow this link, and then enjoy your trip with peace of mind!

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