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090701_applerepApple Vacations has perfected the art of the “complete” vacation experience. Not to name names…but there are certain Internet operators out there that once you book your vacation with them, they are done. When you book with a travel agent or with, we provide service beyond that click. When you travel with Apple Vacations, rest assured we are there every step of the way to ensure your vacation is the one you planned. How do we do it?

Apple Vacations has representatives (either airline staff at check-in, or Apple Reps in resort) at each of the airports where our exclusive leisure flights depart from. Upon arrival, you’ll be met by our friends at Amstar, a division of Apple Vacations serving as our resort representatives, who will transport you to your hotel. These Apple Reps can recommend excursions to take, places to visit, or help with most any other need you may have while in resort.

When Hurricane Wilma hit a few years back, I was worried because I had a top radio station executive in Riviera Maya, where the eye of the storm had stalled. We were in communication with our Apple Reps to ensure all Apple Vacations passengers were taken care of. But I could not reach him directly. Upon his return, I received an enormous thank you from him stating that he will never travel with anyone but Apple Vacations ever again. The Apple passengers were personally taken care of during the storm, and were the first to be evacuated from Cancun, several days before other passengers who booked online or with other tour operators. He said he felt like a “Rock Star” traveling with Apple because of the priority service the Apple passengers received.

Recently, we received an email from a passenger who had to unexpectedly cut his trip short.

“…during our vacation, we booked our day plans with Gabbie. The day we made our plans, we got a call to come home for an emergency. The Apple Rep Benjamin was early and talked to us until Gabbie arrived. He advised her of our problem, then she was on the phone unwinding our plans and calling to make arrangements for a return flight home. In less than an hour, our vacation plans were unwound, our flight home and transportation to the airport was booked, and she even contacted AVOK “insurance” to start the ball rolling on our claims. We cannot say enough of how professional she was, and everything she did was so greatly appreciated. Thanks to your Reps at the resorts and the jobs they do.”

Apple Vacations has been in business for 40 years. When you travel with Apple Vacations, rest assured you are traveling with an experienced vacation company who is there for you every step of the way!

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