Confirm Your Travel Documents

090713_documents1Customer Care is not just here to take care of issues that might pop up while you are on vacation; we are also here to prevent those same issues from happening in the future to other customers.  As Manager of Customer Care at Apple Vacations, I try to be proactive when it comes to improving our products and services. I spend a lot of time reporting back to the hotels and our representatives about what we can do even better.  

Lately, I’ve received a few calls from hotels (who, by the way, check all passports upon arrival). One hotel was expecting a six-year-old child to check in with his parents, the age entered in the reservation. The child arrived and was actually 16.  It was no doubt a typo, and the “1” just got left off by mistake. However, in many hotels, a six-year-old child might likely be charged half of what a 16 year old would. Now the hotel will need to ask for additional fees from the parents in order to check in, money they were probably not planning to spend.

Similarly, I’ve received calls from airlines expecting a “lap-child” and instead of an 11 month old, they are surprised to see an 11 year old at the gate! Again, this was probably just a typo, but a seat must be purchased for the child and that represents money the parents were not planning to part with. Worse yet, if the flight is full, there’s a real problem.

I am here to proactively let you know that sometimes these “typos” can really get expensive, and I urge you to carefully check all of your documents and reconfirm your booking ahead of time to avoid any snafus!

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