Gambling in the Dominican Republic

090707_crapsYoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!  This is a familiar scream of excitement that I always love to hear around a Craps table.  For those of you who do not gamble or play craps, “Yo” is not a rap term, but the term players use to refer to the number eleven.  It pays great odds and therefore people get excited when the dice roll eleven.  If you like Craps, then when you head down to Punta Cana, make sure you stay at a resort within close proximity to the Tower Casino at Princess Resorts.  It is located in downtown Bavaro Punta Cana and it the only Casino with a Craps table in the area.  Shocking, I know, but you don’t go to the Dominican Republic just to gamble, it is simply one of the many offerings you can enjoy while vacationing in paradise.

The D.R. is known for its culture, its people, its beaches, its baseball and its beauty.  In addition to enjoying all of these wonderful offerings, many of the resorts also offer casinos for you to try your luck in the evenings.  Generally, the larger the resort, the larger the Casino.  However, these are not Vegas-style casinos in any manner.  The typical resort casino has 6 table games and maybe 20 slot machines, but in most cases it is sufficient.  If people were waiting in line to gamble, the resorts would add more tables.  Even in the D.R., the house always wins.  While at a resort casino, you can play with full confidence, safety and security.  Most Casinos abide by Vegas rules and if not, the rules are posted and you understand them before sitting down to gamble.  The dealers are mostly local Dominicans who have been professionally trained.  Oddly enough, they are very quiet and serious while dealing, which is in sharp contrast to their typical fun and humorous nature.

If you decide to gamble down in the D.R., remember that it’s gambling, so do it at your own risk.  One word of caution:  avoid playing a game commonly referred to as “Progressive Roulette” or “Caribbean Keno”.  It is a game that, without you putting more money on the table, your bet progressively increases each spin.  Many people are shocked to realize they lost thousands of dollars from what began as a small bet.  The Casinos that offer this game require the players to read the rules and sign a form stating they fully understand the risk before they are allowed to play, but I still recommend that you avoid it.  Stick with the games you know well like Blackjack, Caribbean poker, Craps, slots, etc.   Have some fun, but gamble at your own risk.

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