Kids Getaway at The Explorers Club

090707_explorer21Traveling to Dreams Tulum, I had my first experience using a kids club at a resort. I had not planned to do it, and thought we’d continue with our family togetherness vacations that had worked well in the past.

When we arrived at Dreams Tulum, we had lunch at Seaside Grill and then headed for the pool. For a family resort, I wondered where all the kids were. I soon found out they were in camp. How horrible of these parents to come to this beautiful resort and stick their kids in camp! I would soon eat those words.

The first day we spent together at the pool, and that night we went to the Mexican Fiesta dinner and show. The kids were on stage banging a piñata and having a great time. I was surprised at how the Explorer’s Camp leaders knew all the kids (except mine), and how the kids willingly left with them to go on to the next activity.

The second day as we were sitting by the pool, the Explorer’s Camp leaders, dressed in camp uniforms, marched past us, blowing whistles, waving, smiling, calling kids’ names, and all the kids went running. My son put on his shoes and ran over to join the fun. They were taking the kids back to camp to play games and do a fun craft. I thought my son was too young, so I told him no. He begged and the leaders assured me he’d be fine, and if not, they would call me to get him. So we let him “march” back to the camp with the other kids. My husband followed behind, hiding in the trees until he got safely in the camp. And you know what I did? Nothing! I took a nap on the beach, something I had not done in years.

090707_explorerWhen we picked him up, my son said “see you tonight” to his new friends at camp. The leaders had planned evening events, and he was invited. I told them (again) that I thought he was too young. They suggested we have dinner at El Patio Restaurant, then drinks at the Sugar Reef Bar, so we could see him on the beach, but assured me they would watch him. So, that is exactly what we did. We had a relaxing dinner and he had a great time with kids from around the world. They had a scavenger hunt, played relay races, ate pizza, then watched a movie on the beach. There were kids aged three to about twelve when we were there. And the Explorer’s Camp leaders kept them all in line. Each day my son asked to go back to camp, and I felt safe leaving him there. The leaders wore uniforms so they were easily identifiable. They had a registration book to sign the kids in and out; they always knew how to reach us, and we knew how to reach them.

Through the week, my son made a Mexican mask, painted pottery, was in a sandcastle competition, went to a “kids only” private dinner in the restaurant, danced at the kids’ disco, and so much more. He loved meeting kids from other countries and he loved those Explorer’s Camp leaders! So much so, on the last day he asked to bring them home! Believe me, I wanted to. It was a fun and relaxing vacation for all of us.

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  1. Beside all the fun kids have at the Explorer’s club at Dreams Tulum, there is another important point parents should know…The staff at Dreams Tulum Explorer’s club are American Red Cross certified. Not many foreign kids clubs have these high standards in child care.

    Even if you don’t have kids and you’re visiting Dreams Tulum be sure to check out the Explorer’s club. The art work is incredible! The artist who painted all the murals gives you the feeling like you’re really deep in the jungle. I expected to see
    Indian Jones popping out (I wish!) It’s the same artist that painted the murals in the spa. If you are an HGTV viewer be sure to notice and get some inspiration!

  2. We just returned from our trip from Dreams Tulum and had picked Dreams for our family vacation on October 28th 2013. I have to start off by saying that I am not one to complain especially not so publicly but when it comes to the safety of my kids and others kids…I have to let people know of our experience.

    The third night of our holidays we fed our kids (girl 5 and boy 4 years old) and then put them into the kids club for 2 hours while my husband and I went for a relaxing dinner. The itinerary for the Explorer’s Club every night is a disco and then a movie till it closes at 10:00PM. The Explorer’s Club is located at the very back of the resort in a remote corner where at night it is very poorly lit. The entrance has a desk and a small gate where you sign your kids in and out. After dinner we returned to the kids club at 9:30PM as we neared the Explorer’s Club we could hear a kid screaming and as every mother knows there is a cry a child does for minor situations and there is an escalated cry for more serious situations. And again I have to say my son (4) can over react to situations sometimes but not usually in other peoples care. But this is not the case for my daughter (5), she is very much a rule follower and very mature.

    As I got to the reception the escalated screaming did not stop and I realized it was my daughter!!! No one was at the reception when we got there so we immediately jumped the little gate and ran into the room where they were watching the movie. We found both our kids screaming and crying huddled together on a chair holding a bag of candy alone. My husband grabbed one and I the other and started calming them down. My daughter kept repeating something about a fox with a striped tail…. We took them out into the open air area of the kids club where we saw wild raccoon like animals scampering around with glowing eyes in the dark. I didn’t know exactly what they were at the time but later googled their name and found out that they were called coati. Because of their stripped tails my daughter thought that they were foxes. My daughter explained that she came out to the main area to find one of the ladies (Ana) looking after her and came face to face with one of these animals which terrified her so she panicked and returned to the movie room where both my son and daughter sat huddled screaming till we ran in.

    With all this going on you may ask ‘where are the ladies in charge’? My thought exactly!!! I asked my daughter where Ana was and she said that Ana told her she was going to get them more candy. While waiting for Ana to return my husband and I looked around, there are only a few rooms off the main open air area all with glass windows and the lights were out in all rooms but the movie room which was the toddler room during the day and the kids bathrooms. We decided that we were not going to continue waiting that we were going to go directly to the main lobby and talk to a manager in charge.

    We ere told that the duty manager would be with us soon so we say and waited and waited. At this point it was after 10:00PM and the ladies at the club had returned and realized that they were missing our kids and had no idea where they were. A lady came running into the lobby in a panic and stopped in her tracks when she saw us sitting there with our kids and got on her phone, probably calling the club and confirming with the ladies our two kids were the two that they were looking for. A few minutes later Ana and another lady from the club, I think her name was Beyonce, came in. In this conversation we were told by both women that it was policy that they could turn on a movie and leave and came back every 10 minutes to check on the kids. Beyonce then told us that when they were gone our kids jumped the gate and ran away. I couldn’t listen to this anymore so I left back to the room with our kids, just glad that I knew where they were and that they were safe.

    The duty manager never showed up but did say he would meet with us the next day at noon. My husband went to this meeting alone and said that the Duty Manager Alex assured us that it is not their policy and it would not be okay to leave the kids unattended but in the next breath said that he talked to the ladies in the Explorer’s Club and they assured him that they never left the Explorer’s Club and that they were in the arts and crafts room with the door shut… if this was true…they were sitting in there with the lights off because I looked in that room through the floor to ceiling windows and they didn’t hear any of the commotion because I can assure you that we were not quiet. How stories change and no one is accountable for anything!!! I am just glad my kids stayed put and didn’t run out of the Explorer’s Club when they got scared, or it was someone else who came in an took them like we did unnoticed or happened to choked on one of the candies they were given.

    I am glad that you had such a great experience but what you don’t know may hurt you or your family. Sally Black says that the staff in the Explorer’s Club are all American Red Cross certified, that is little comfort or significance if they are able to leave kids unattended.

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