Make it Memorable!

090721_memorableWhen faced with two reasonable choices, I always base the decision on which one will be more memorable. Well, if you want me to go on vacation with your group, I am looking for the same. I don’t care if you are offering the least expensive price for this vacation, I’d pay a little extra to go away with just my wife. However, if you are offering a unique experience, something the vacation even more exciting than I could do on my own, then I am interested.

If you are going away as a group, its easy. Of course book through the Groups Department for the added benefits, but then don’t stop at price. Plan a beach party for your group. Have everyone dress in white and have the hotel light up the beach in colors, set up a buffet, a band, a bar, entertainment exclusively for your group. How amazing would it be to have an elaborate private beach party just for you and your group on a gorgeous Caribbean Beach? Its awesome, trust me, I’ve done it! If not a party, how about an excursion? Take everyone in your group Zip Lining through the jungle like Tarzan. Sounds crazy and ridiculous, Great! That means everyone will be laughing all day long and remember it always.

Life is a collection of memories, don’t offer people a cheap vacation, offer them a memory for a lifetime.

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