Travel Like a Rock Star with Preferred Perks

090720_preferredApple Vacations offers something unique in the travel industry – a first class experience for much less than a first class plane ticket. Check it out – with your Apple vacation on USA3000 Airlines, for an additional $39 per person, round trip, you can:

  • Use the preferred (first class) check-in line at the airport
  • Use the preferred (first class) line going through security
  • Get early boarding on the plane
  • Get the best seating on the plane (in the first ten rows) and
  • Your luggage is the first off the plane when you arrive!

And if that isn’t enough, when you return to your home airport, you’ll get to go through the TSA’s first class security line and breeze past the long waiting line! You will truly feel like a rock star and you did it all for a price that would make any rock star drool!

To make your first class experience complete, for an additional $50 – $90 per person (depending on the destination), you can get a private or non-stop transfer to your resort.

Have fun and go first class the Apple Vacations way, with Preferred Perks, all the perks of first class without the first class price tag. Find out more about Preferred Perks!

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