It’s still Family Vacation Time

090831_moneyAs I plan my next vacation several people have said to me, a vacation in this economy, how could you? Why now? And I say right back why not now! Even the Obamas got flack for heading on their vacation to Martha’s Vineyard. How could they in this economic crisis? I say how can’t they. They have 2 small children that sacrifice enough time away form their dad, let them have him for a week on vacation.

Yes, everyone I know is pinching pennies and cutting corners where they can. But as a mom to a 4 year old I want my family vacation. I NEED my family vacation. I need the time to unwind with my family and do nothing at all – No plans, no cooking, no laundry, no deciding what to watch on TV. I want my family to experience time together. The rates right now in Mexico & The Caribbean, as I have written before, are incredible. Many hotels (yes, all-inclusives) have kids stay, play and eat FREE! It’s a great time to take advantage of these fantastic offers.

When I look back to my own childhood , I don’t necessarily remember what I did all summer long when I was 7, or 8, or 12… But I do remember the years we rented the shore house in Ocean City (and exactly what street it was on each year) and the year we went to Disney or the year my parents let me go to Mexico with a friend’s family. Those memories stick out. Did we have to be extra conservative before we went away? Yes, we did. And it is no different right now. Some years we went for longer, some years we stayed at nicer places, other years the vacations were just shorter. It was whatever we could afford at the time. But, they were all very important family vacations. I want my son to look back and say remember the year mom took us to Cancun or Punta Cana or Jamaica! Especially as a working mom, I want to take the vacation week and dedicate the time to him – No blackberry! So maybe it’s a 4 night vacation this year not 7 nights. Maybe it’s a 4 Apple, maybe it’s a 5 Apple. Whatever it is… it is a well deserved family vacation and I am going on it!

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