Are you ready for some football?

090825_football1I am an avid sports fan. The Phillies and Eagles are at the top of my list. I always saw ads for “Superbowl on the beach” or watch “the game” from the beach … but never until I experienced it did I realize how much fun it is!

Many of the resorts show the night time NFL (NBA etc…) games ON THE BEACH! Dreams is where I stayed to experience this. I have done it at both Dreams Tulum and Dreams Cancun, although the major sporting events they show at all The Dreams Resorts.

It typically starts with Pre-game tailgate food of nachos, wings, chicken fingers or similar items. Then lounging with on a beach chair, with my toes in the sand, and a bucket of cold ones while watching the game on the big screen TV. If you get chilly in the night time breeze you can grab a beach towel for a blanket.

090825_football2The week I went with my family to Dreams Cancun for The Eagles vs. Giants Monday night football game, Apple invited former NFL Eagles player and current Philly FOX and WIP sportscaster Hugh Douglas to be part of the fun. He watched the game with all the fans (both teams) provided commentary and insight into the game and at half time we even played some games.

It was a ton of fun. So check out your favorite teams schedule (pick a night game) grab your friends and head on down to watch the game FROM THE BEACH! Anyone can watch from the stadium, but this will be an experience you never forget.

2 thoughts on “Are you ready for some football?

  1. You are certainly lucky. WQe are Eagle and Phillies Fans and I would never ever be able to plan a vacation around any of these teams playoffs.

    We’ve stayed at Dreams also–LaRomana. Had a wonderful fantastic time–but not during any playoff times…………..

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