Girls Getaways for the Over-Forty and Fabulous

090812_girlsForty is the new thirty. That’s what they keep telling us in the media, anyway. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be thirty again. I’m smarter, stronger, more secure and in better shape than when I was thirty.  I appreciate the amazing women in my life far more now. Not that I didn’t love ‘my girls’ then, but now that the kids are grown, I look back and cherish the village that helped raise them.

I feel fortunate to work here at Apple Vacations, where I get to be the one who organizes the Girls Getaway for our crew. I can put together an all-inclusive trip that allows the girls to truly relax and not think about anything. From transport to and from the airport to tipping – everything is done ahead of time. No cooking, no clean up. There is no worrying at all. Just laughing, singing and there’s always dancing.

I polled ‘my girls’, who range in age from thirty-five to mid-sixties, to get their thoughts on how our annual “Girls Getaway Vacation” has changed over the years.  Here is what we came up with

  • “In my 20’s it was all about the guys. Now at 62 it is the understanding and comradeship of the sisters. Taking a vacation together helps validates the past. Go, girls!” – Carol, 62
  • ” I value my ‘Girls-Only’ vacations because I can actually close my eyes at the pool and without one eye open to watch my kids. I can actually eat my food warm because I don’t have to cut up my kids’ food first. I can take a minute for myself (I don’t need to rush around).  – Becky, 36
  • “Getting away with my girlfriends means I can spend a few precious days not being anyone’s wife or mother. I can be a woman first, and relax and connect with the extraordinary women whom I am blessed to call my friends. I can be just a little bit irresponsible, and then I can return to being super-woman with a new sense of purpose.– Lucy, 47

As women, we give so much of ourselves away joyfully to the people we love. Yet when girlfriends get together and jet off to an exotic location, something magical happens. We celebrate ourselves. We celebrate each other. It’s not about garnering male attention anymore, like it was when we were younger. It’s about dancing for joy at our achievements, laughing at our faults, toasting our survival and doing things on no one’s time table but our own.

Our next “No Men, No Kids” trip is set for Punta Cana over Labor Day weekend… which also happens to be my 45th Birthday. I will update with pictures afterward so everyone can see what I mean! – SJM

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