Well Worth Sharing

As a blogger, naturally I read other blogs especially travel blogs and blogs that feature travel related items. These are some of the blogs I thought were worth sharing.

For any woman who has a passion for travel, you must check out the blog Girls’ Guide to the World. The blog always offers the latest tips, travel gear, places to visit and travels news. Check this blog post on a great solar beach tote that is perfect for your beach vacation!

Did you know that this year is the 100th anniversary of the Daiquiri? It definitely has become a favorite drink around the world and one of my favorite drinks (sans the alcohol) to enjoy while lounging by the pool. Check out this blog post from World Hum about the daiquiri.

Another blog I like is Travels with Children. The blogger Linda chronicles her travels with her husband and four children as they travel around the country finding fun things for families. I love that they wrote an entry about Philadelphia’s own Please Touch Museum ( my home town). I thought traveling with one child was an adventure!

Look for more great recommendations as I find them!

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