Why NOW is the Best Time to Travel

As I sit here this Monday morning reviewing Apple Vacations ads to be placed featuring Fall, Holiday and Winter travel dates I marvel at the pricing. If you listen to the news shows, you keep hearing the worst of the economic situation is over. I pray it is; hotels and airlines are counting on the fact that it is, and that we are heading back towards economic recovery. At this point, hotels and airlines are pricing Winter according to this. I keep hearing predictions that the “pent – up” demand from people who “held – back” on travel the past year are going to fill hotel rooms this cold winter. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure hotels will come in with some strategic sales and the value Apple Vacations will pass along will be great!

However, especially if you are on a budget or looking for a really great deal… travel rates for this Fall are still absolutely amazing! A comparison is a Secrets Square Deal in Riviera Maya for August / September is currently $849.99 per person ( I pulled up 8/30 departure). Right now for Winter it is $1,699.99 per person ( I pulled up January). Fall is 50% off!

Theses rates are truly unprecedented. I just booked friends who were going to do a local trip… but I gave them rates on 4 Apple Square Deal. It was $500 per person for 7 all – inclusive nights with air! They couldn’t believe they could afford an all – inclusive week in Mexico for basically what the airfare was just over a year ago. They are in Mexico right now.

So if you are on the fence, it’s time to get off! Head to Mexico or the Caribbean this Fall.  You can brag to your friends that you got the deal of a lifetime.

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