How to pack the essential travel bag

As I sit here packing to go away, I thought I would share my tips on packing my in-flight bag. We are all allowed 1 carry on and mine is strategically packed like a true professional! As a mommy, who also does not really enjoy flying, the bag must be stacked and packed specifically so there is no searching or anything missing during the flight.

First, you need to select a good bag with accessible pockets. It should be big enough to fit all your items, but small enough to fit under the seat in front of you (where your feet also go). If you board a plane late or the guy next to you takes up the entire over head bin with luggage and souvenirs, you don’t want the bag rows away from you. Choose an affordable bag. The wear and tear of travel can quickly destroy a designer bag and will then put a damper on your vacation.

The best scenario is a bag with a few outside small pockets. What goes into these is the items such as the iPod. Easy to access without having to rifle through the entire bag. Inside, on the bottom, pack the things you need to take on the plane and carry on with you but won’t need them during the flight… these are items such as medications, hotel confirmation papers etc. On top of that the emergency children’s snack, lollipops…  Things you may need during in-flight. Make sure it is all in a plastic ziploc bag for one easy pull out of the bag. On top should rest the magazines or whatever it takes you to get thru the flight. Make sure they are on top so when you grab them, the other contents of the bag don’t fly across the row.

Ideally there is a zipper compartment inside where money, tickets, drivers license and important papers can go. So it is with you, but can not fall out of the bag tips over. I don’t carry a hand bag in addition to my carry on, 1 bag is enough. If I need one on vacation, I pack an empty one in my suitcase and transfer the important items into it during the vacation.

A little planning can make a much easier flight.

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