I need a vacation from my vacation!

092909_disneyMany moons ago, an early September morning, I was at what was then the Radisson Cable Beach in the Bahamas talking to a couple enjoying a long weekend. They told me it was their “vacation from their vacation”. They had just done a week at a theme park in Florida. They then the took their kids home, got them back to school , and now they were on THEIR vacation. At the time I didn’t get it, how mean to dump the kids off and go away without them. Fast forward 12 years – AND NOW I GET IT!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I am a slave to the mouse, I make my annual trek to central Florida each fall. Even though I stand in lines in what feels like 100 degree heat, sit on concrete waiting for a parade to go by, wake up at the crack of dawn to be first in a park, stay out way beyond what is a reasonable bed time for not only my child but me, and spend a small fortune… I love every minute of it. But it is not a vacation in the typical sense of the word. There is no fruity drink in my hand or cool ocean breeze to deflect the harsh rays of the sun. There is NO relaxing what so ever. And, there is no all inclusive so it is very, very expensive – even if you get a deal to go. Sure they have a dining plan, which we were on. But, we spent well over $400 on meals not covered, appetizers (which are not included in the dining program) tips (which are NOT included), beverages (only a soft drink is included / no alcohol) and water (you need to stay hydrated). Not to mention the other $500 on pirate hats, hooks, patches, lanyards, pins, t- shirts, Buzz & Woody toys, and every night you need a new $10 glow stick! Yes we spent over $100 on glow sticks alone.

So this year as I return from Florida – I get it. I am now planning my vacation from my vacation. I need to go Mexico where I can relax on a white sandy beach and sit and do……… nothing at all. But most importantly, not open my wallet the entire time I am there!

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