On a budget? There is no better place to go than ALL INCLUSIVE in Cancun or Riviera Maya.

092309cancun1I’ve done The Jersey Shore. I’ve done Miami a couple times. Daytona Beach and Singer Island were fun. The Outer Banks is always a great vacation! What I have found out is, that when traveling on a budget there is no better place to go than Cancun or Riviera Maya. Traveling on a budget doesn’t mean that I don’t get to do things others do either. I am a single guy in my mid-twenties who just can’t spend a ton of money on my vacations. The best vacations I have had with family members and friends have all been recently, and have been to Riviera Maya, Cancun.  In the last year I have stayed at Secrets SilverSands and Iberostar Maya and found both places to have all the necessities for a 3 to 7 night vacation. For both trips, I packed my bags and put a couple bucks in my wallet (just in case) and I was on my way. Most of the time, I come back with a lot of that money. Apple’s Charter flights to Cancun/Riviera Maya are a good way to save money.

All those other trips were a great time, but they lacked the one thing that you really need to save your money during a vacation, ALL INCLUSIVE!  I would rather spend a little more on my vacation package to Cancun than go to a place where all I get is the bed to lay my head and a T.V. that may have HBO. An all-inclusive vacation package includes Food, Drink, and all the activities you will need to fill your vacation. At Secrets Silversands there was always nonstop activities going on daily such as morning workouts, pool volleyball, beach volleyball, soccer, dance classes and other fun activities that change daily. On top of that, most resorts have nightly entertainment shows and events in their own bars. By the time the daily activities end, it usually time to go back and get a quick nap and head onto dinner and then a show or bar. The most important thing about an all inclusive vacation is that it saves you the money to do the other things you may not get to do on the “pay as you go” vacations.  While you are not putting money out for food and drink, you can book an excursion. You can also take a cab to Playa Del Carmen where you can find some good discounts on shopping.

Some of the best time periods to get a more discounted trip to Mexico would be Late August-Dec 15. If you are set on going away in the Winter, there are always lower prices in January and April. Being able to pick up and go in short notice is another way to save a couple bucks.

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