Technology & Vacation

Has technology taken the fun out of vacation wrap up or has it made it better? As I sit here on the plane home from vacation I remember the days when upon starting my vacation, I would buy postcards, write and mail them one of the first few days to make sure they reached my friends and family before I returned home.  I would also love taking the film to the 1 – hour photo when I got back, and sitting in the mall anxiously awaiting all the photos I took to see how they turned out and showing them to my friends.

Now, everyone knows as soon as I land in resort thanks to my twitter tweets and Facebook updates and can see the vacation as it happens because of my daily photo upload. Am I having a good time? Do I wish you were here? Just check my Facebook status and you will know. And with my digital camera I see all the photos I have taken instantly. Missed a shot… then take another. No surprises here either.

So what do you think? Has technology added to the fun of a vacation or taken away from it?

One thought on “Technology & Vacation

  1. I would definitely say technology has added alot of funn to a vacaton. The fact that you no loger have to wait long periods to receive a picture is awesome. You can kep friends and families in the loop. Let the feel like they are there with you.

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