Apple Vacations Exclusive One – Week Sale to Palladium!

palladiumToday we announced a very special One–Week sale to Palladium Hotels & Resorts. This one is extra special because Apple Vacations is one of the only tour operators that offers Palladium! So in addition to the exclusive product, we have even more amazing prices now too! Palladium Hotels & Resorts in Mexico & The Caribbean are really great for couples, singles and families. They have something for everyone. I have sent a friend on a “Family of Five” trip to Riviera Maya, since they could get one room for their entire family and not pay extra for a second room. They were very happy to save money with one room, and also to have their children in the room with them. I have also sent friends to both Punta Cana and Riviera Maya, who were couples and they had a great time as well. They liked the restaurant choices and lively atmosphere. Palladium Hotels & Resorts are some of Apple Vacations most popular resorts in The Riviera Maya and in Punta Cana. Click here for more details on the Palladium One – Week sale.

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