Black Friday & Cyber Monday Tips

It is a shoppers right of passage to be in line at the stores at the crack of dawn on Black Friday, the day following the Thanksgiving feast.  Today it still is, but with the force of the Internet as a sales channel, has come the dawn of Cyber Monday.  Both days are meant as a way to jump-start the holiday shopping season.  Many retailers offer exclusive one-day sales at tremendous price savings. These savings usually cannot be found at any other point during the shopping season. Retailers entice you with an advertised price leader, usually at a loss, and they hope you upgrade.

As competition for shoppers becomes fierce, many retailers are opting to “leak” the information. There are many ways to find out about these deals ahead of time on the Internet.  You can go to your favorite retailers website and do a search for the keywords “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday,” you can check out their Facebook page and Twitter page to see if a deal or promo code has been leaked. You can also Google “Online Coupons” for promo codes from top brands including Apple Vacations.

So this Black Friday, do your research, check your favorite brands’ websites, Facebook and Twitter pages and hit the coupon sites.  If the deals aren’t there today, they surely will be starting Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  I’ve got my finger on the trigger and I am ready to click….are you?

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