Holiday Travel Gift Ideas

flipcameraWhat do you buy this holiday season for the person on your list, who loves to travel? You can always buy them an Apple Vacations’ gift certificate. If you need something else to stuff in their stocking, there are lots of cool holiday travel gadgets out there. Travel scales are a very popular item. With increased costs on overweight bags, travelers don’t want to incur extra baggage fees. Travel water bottles are also a hot one. I however personally can’t wait to use my new FLIP camcorder.  It is a Camcorder that is the size of a regular camera. You can buy them in a few different sizes and colors. They record up to 2 hours of video. They are easy to use and carry. The best feature of the FLIP is that they plug right into your computer or laptop so it is super easy to download the videos. FLIP’s are also very affordable; on sale you can get one around $125.00.  So you don’t mind taking it on vacation. If you unfortunately lose or break it, it’s not a hard loss like a $500.00 video camera. So watch out Riviera Maya, I’ll be there soon with my new FLIP!

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