Travel Tips for Winter Vacations!

Traveling to Mexico & The Caribbean is awesome in the winter! Nothing beats leaving the cold and snow behind and stepping off the plan into the warm sunshine. It is a great feeling to call home on a warm balmy night, when your toes are in the sand and a drink is in hand, and hearing chattering teeth on the other end! I wanted to provide a few important tips for traveling in the winter.

1 – When making the booking ALWAYS provide Apple Vacations and your travel agent a correct phone number. This is in case we need to reach you the day of, or day before your flight. A cell # is best. For example if you are leaving on a Sunday, don’t leave your work number, if you are not going to be there after Friday. Apple Vacations does not ask for your number for any type of solicitations, only official use.

2 – Always call the number on your tickets or E-Docs before you leave for the airport to ensure there are no weather delays.  

3 – Plan ahead and leave in enough time to reach the airport in inclement weather. You need to be at the airline check-in counter 2 hours prior to your scheduled departure time. There is nothing worse than getting stuck in snow or traffic and arriving late to the airport, only to find the flight has left without you.

4 – Consider a Park, Sleep & Fly. Apple Vacations offers discounted rates to several airport hotels. Many include FREE parking. You can stay at the airport the night before departure, so you are nice and close. In many cases the 1 – night room cost is not much more than what it would have cost you to park at the airport for your trip. Here is a link:

5 – Finally, wear layers. It will be cold at home but warm when you get off the plane. You don’t want to get overheated while gathering your luggage or getting your transport to the hotel.

3 thoughts on “Travel Tips for Winter Vacations!

  1. It’s a shame that despite taking the precautions listed above, it had no impact on our trip because Apple OVERBOOKED by HUNDREDS of guests and lacking suitable alternatives, our trip that we had been planning for months was cancelled. Apple has THE WORST customer service reps and supervisors I have ever dealt with, and I’ve worked for 10 years in the service industry. Instead of apologies, I was given ultimatums. Its hard to express how unacceptable the situation was and how poorly we were treated. It is my personal mission to ensure NO ONE uses AppleVacations ever again.

  2. Might I ask as to exactly where your overbooked vacation was? I am curious. I just booked a trip and found that the level of knowledge concerning the Apple rep was not what I had previously experienced. I am getting nervous.

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