A family vacation that has it all, including exceptional value

I wrote a blog the other day about going to Mexico & The Caribbean versus going to the shore. I showed the value. But as I look around on other blogs, travel sites and where even some friends recommend going this summer, my interest is peaked. AGAIN, you can save so much money and still have an AMAZING vacation filled with fun, history & culture by picking an all–inclusive vacation in Mexico & The Caribbean! So I decided to do research on some of them and do some new comparisons.

Firstly, Miami. It never really occurred to me as a family–friendly vacation, but after some research I see it is. Besides the beaches, there are great children’s museums and hotels with fun programs. The Fountainebleau is rated as one of the most family friendly resorts with a kids program. It is an amazing location, with a historical very cool building. Staying at this hotel is an adventure in itself. But the choice may be here or college. On the website, they advertise rates from $369 per night! I played around and got it down to $331 a night plus tax. For a week in July, it was $2,715.64. This is only for the room! Add: flights, transfers to and from the airport, cabana rentals (yes, you pay for these in most hotels in Miami and in Vegas), the children’s program, one day trip to a local museum, meals, snacks & drinks.  You’ll easily hit $5,000.00 by day 3.

A cruise. Yes, you really can get ON TO a cruise ship with a family of 4 for under $1,000.00 if you search really hard on a discount cruise outlet and are very flexible with dates. I found a Caribbean cruise (cruise line I had never heard of) for $399 per adult and $99 per child for a Caribbean cruise departing from Florida. The rate was available 2 dates in April. This is an inside cabin everyone shares. Pick a name brand cruise line, or travel in summer, and those rates go up. Pick an outside cabin or balcony room and the rates triple. Don’t forget the airfare for 4 people, and transfers to and from the ship. Then keep in mind, on a cruise meals are included, but drinks and tips are NOT included. So for each soda or beverage you purchase, you will get a bill at the end of the cruise. You’ll also receive a bill for gratuities. Do the math and you are at least $5,000.00.

These are great vacations, and I am not knocking them. But in this economy, give your family a vacation that has it all, including exceptional value! If you book during our SuperSale by March 25 a family of 4 can stay at The Grand Palladium  Colonial & Kantenah Resort & Spa in Mexico’s Riviera Maya for $2,399.96! Click here for more details.

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