The Shore Without The Chores

swotcPinching pennies, but still want a GREAT family vacation this summer? Well it is that time of the year to start thinking about what we like to call “The Shore Without The Chores”.  Do the math and you will see that a week in Mexico or The Caribbean can cost less, much less, than a week at the shore!  And, there is no cooking, no cleaning, no laundry, no beds to make, no food shopping – just relax and have some fun!

A week at “the shore,” “the beach,” “The Hamptons,” or “down the ocean”  (whatever you call it in your area) …. is a rite of passage each summer, especially for East Coasters.  However, in this economy Apple Vacations encourages you to consider this alternative. Spending your summer vacation in Mexico or the Caribbean will not only save you money – it will also save you time.  Time you can then spend with the family.

I did the research. A 3 bedroom beach-block house in a New Jersey shore town (I looked up Ocean City, NJ) can cost $3,800.00 on average in July.  That is simply for the house. Don’t forget gas and tolls, breakfast, lunch, snacks, ice cream, dinners out each night, drinks, boardwalk games, miniature golf, parking at the boardwalk… the list goes on.
If you pick a sale week then you can save up to $4,300.00 just by choosing Mexico or The Caribbean.  An  ALL-INCLUSIVE week at Palladium Resorts in Mexico is less than $2,400 per family and in Punta Cana is less than $2,800.00 per family (both plus taxes). But that is all–inclusive WITH AIRFARE! Click on to see the details, our pricing comparison, and to pick your 2010 summer family Apple Vacation!

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