What is a “Square Deal” and why should I book it?

square-deal-redI posted a blog on Square Deals before. Since new Square Deals are always announced, and they have grown ever more popular, I thought I’d mention it again. Apple Vacations offers what we call “Square Deals”.  They are amazing offers where YOU pick the departure date, destination, the hotel Apple rating and WE pick the hotel.

Since we do not advertise a hotel name, we can offer some amazing rates without associating the name of a high – end hotel with such a low rate. Why would Apple or a hotel do this? They need to fill rooms. An empty hotel room is lost revenue to the hotel, just as an empty seat on an airplane is to us. There may be a small window where a group canceled or there happens to be some open inventory. We work together to come up with some GREAT offers that you would never get if you booked the hotel as a name brand. 

Square Deals offer a great value to Apple Vacationers looking for an unbeatable value. When you book them, you must understand the potential hotels. If you would be happy with any of the possibilities, then a square deal is good for you. I recently had someone ask where they would wind up if they booked a 6 Apple Square Deal to Cancun. I can’t tell you exactly, but I can say that Dreams Cancun, Le Blanc, Palace Resorts and Gran Melia are the only 6 Apples in Cancun. I’d be happy with any of them. If you would, then book it.

You should not book Square Deals if you need a specific resort, need the hotel information ahead of time, have special dietary restrictions, or need to book multiple rooms, as all passengers booked into a square deal (even on the same date) may not go to the same hotel. Don’t book a Riviera Maya Square Deal if you want to stay in Cancun.

Q – When do I find out my hotel?
A –  At the airport upon check in.

Q – What if I get there and do not like the hotel?
A – Most people are more than happy with the hotel for the price they paid. If you are unhappy, the Apple Representative in resort can provide options for moving. Keep in mind, since the Square Deal was sold at such a negotiated discounted rate, to move to a hotel with an equal Apple rating may be substantially more expensive.

Q – Can I request a specific hotel?
A – No, hotel requests and specific room requests cannot be made for Square Deals.

Q – Are Square Deals ever to a specific Hotel Chain versus an Apple rating?
A – Yes, at times a chain, such as Dreams Resorts & Spas or Iberostar Hotels & Resorts, will offer a Square Deal. They can offer this for any hotel in their  chain in a specific vacation destination or by any hotel in their chain at a specific Apple rating.

So if you are just a little bit flexible and want a great deal on your next Apple Vacation, book a Square Deal!

2 thoughts on “What is a “Square Deal” and why should I book it?

  1. I do not agree with the way Apple Vacations sells the Square Deal option. We have tried the Square Deal twice, once in Riviera Maya and once in Cancun. Both times we ended up at a Dreams Hotel property. We were very disappointed both times and strongly disagree to the rating system. I’m sorry, the Dreams in Cancun is not in the same class as the Grand Melia or ME. As we did not like the Dreams, we decided to check out the other 6 golden apple rated hotels. These hotels were not full, so why didn’t we draw them? I’ve heard that the Dreams properties are owned by Apple and since Apple is the one doing the rating, they control where to send you. If it hadn’t happened more than once and if the disparity wasn’t so great, I might not be steaming. After talking with other hotel quests, they agreed that the Dreams is overrated. Larry

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