Apple Vacations Loves Travel Agents!

Apple Vacations' Sales team with Golden Apple Travel Agents from New Jersey

Apple Vacations' Sales team with Golden Apple Travel Agents from New Jersey

I know there is misconception that if you cut out a travel agent and go directly to the source, then you will save lots of money. There are a lot of things to consider when that statement is made. First, if either you or a travel agent pulls up a price on Apple Vacations site, the same exact price will come up. Of course, all things considered must be equal  – same date, departure city, destination hotel and class of air service.

So why should you use at travel agent? The #1 reason is their expertise. Most travel agents have traveled to our top destinations. They have seen the resorts, eaten in the restaurants and walked the beaches. If they personally have not been to a specific resort, then an agent in their office most likely has.

Apple Vacations also provides travel agents with year-round training including FAM trips where they visit and inspect resorts, seminars, trade shows, webinars and personal sales visits.

If you have a price point or a specific departure date… give the details to a travel agent and let them do the research on where your options are to travel. Or, if you have any special needs or wants an agent can match you to a resort that best fits them. Travel agents can also explain insurance options, the difference between room categories, flight details, baggage restrictions and proof of citizenship information.

I recently had a friend who called me to book a Honeymoon. I asked why she picked the resort they did. She said they did “ A LOT” of research on line and they wanted a smaller hotel, with Jacuzzis in the room, with a great beach. However, she picked a hotel that had no swimmable beach (but it looked great in photos), and was one of the biggest complexes in Riviera Maya. A great hotel, but not what she was looking for.

If you want the RIGHT advice and the BEST price, then ASK an AGENT!  If you need to find an agency near you, log on to and click on ASK an AGENT. Apple Vacations loves travel agents, and we are sure you will too!

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