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In honor of EARTH DAY tomorrow I thought I would point out some SIMPLE tips on being earth friendly when you travel, and some resorts that are trying to make a difference.

The first tip to being earth friendly is use common sense!

If you can use a towel again, hang it up, and do so. Don’t ask housekeeping to replenish daily if they don’t need to.

If you will be out for a lengthy time, don’t leave your air conditioner blasting. Some hotels have even installed motion sensors or timers now to prevent this.

Conserve electricity by turning off your TV and lights when you leave the room.

Just because you are at an “all–inclusive” does not mean you should take everything in sight. It’s not all you CAN eat, but rather CARE to eat. Don’t take 10 bottles of water if you only need 5, or 20 packets of sugar if you only need 2.  Just because things are “all–included” does not mean they are FREE, you already paid for them. Take what you need, when you need it, but don’t waste simply because you can.

Everyone loves a cocktail on the beach or at the pool. Ahhhh… Sipping a nice daiquiri or margarita with your toes in the sand. Most hotels serve these in plastic cups on the beach, or near a pool, so that glass does not get broken. Make sure you dispose of your waste properly so the plastic does not wind up in the ocean, as it is very dangerous to marine life. This includes cups, straws, the little mini umbrellas and toothpicks.

You can even recycle in resort! On my last trip to Riviera Maya, instead of throwing away the magazines I read on the plane down, the girls running the kids camp were happy to receive them. I also donated the pool toys and floats I brought with us (more room in the suitcase to go home). Check a hotels website before you travel and see if they have any donation programs for local charities that you can bring items for.

If you are heading to the sun of Mexico or the Caribbean consider an earth friendly sunscreen. After you apply your sunscreen where do you think it goes? It soaks into your skin, is washed off with a towel, or is washed into a pool or the ocean. I am not saying don’t use sunscreen, but look for smarter products that have less harsh chemicals and use natural ingredients, or use biodegradable suntan lotions.

Check back tomorrow for part 2 of the blog – Earth Friendly hotels.

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