A Friendly Face in a Faraway Place

On the flight down to Cancun, I heard the woman behind me say at least 10 times that she was worried about getting to the hotel. She was booked through Apple Vacations and the person in the aisle next to her reassured her that if she looked for the flowered shirts she would be fine. To prove how easy it was I took out my FLIP video camera after we cleared immigration.

I wanted to show everyone, who may go on an Apple Vacation to Cancun or Riviera Maya what to (and what not to) look for.

I travel often enough and know what to expect. For those who do not I thought this may be helpful.

#1 is the video of people to avoid. Right over their head it says TIME SHARE. These are not the people taking Apple Vacations passengers to their hotel. Last time I was here they all had white shirts on, but today they all had blue. They may be very nice people, but they are selling time shares.

#2 as soon as we exited the airport doors, the first person we saw was our new friend Sahad. With his Apple sign and beautiful flowered shirt!

One thought on “A Friendly Face in a Faraway Place

  1. OMG those timeshare people are the worst. They were VERY well behaved on your video. We got caught there, Apple should really advertise the flowered shirts more in their email correspondence for first timers. We won’t make that mistake again!!

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