An Infinity Pool to Remember

043I know I have been talking about Jade since last week, but I would be remiss to not point out my most favorite thing about this resort – the Infinity pools. They have one at the main pool and one at the preferred pool. I liked them both, as they both had spectacular views. I just slightly like the preferred Infinity pool better. It was the “quiet” pool.

On our last day I literally got to the pool at 11 and did not leave until 7. It was so relaxing leaning on the ledge overlooking the beautiful white sandy beach and crystal clear blue water. I even fell asleep a few times. The Infinity pool at the preferred pool also had hammocks that were over the water and had the same great views.

It was heaven!

One thought on “An Infinity Pool to Remember

  1. Eileen, I love reading your blogs on Now Jade. I have been undecided for so many weeks. But you have helped me make my decision! Thanks, you should be getting a kick back from NOW resorts…lol Thanks again for the great reading.

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