Family Vacation 2010

tuck-packing-006I am heading out on a family vacation today! I will be sharing with you all the places I am going to see in Riviera Maya over the next week, and some family travel tips! Hopefully by the time you are reading this I am already en route to Riviera Maya! I promise to report as much info on the two new NOW Resorts since we have lots of questions on Facebook about them.

For now I start with travel tips. First tip. Involve your child ahead of time.

I am not one to surprise a child with a vacation. Last weekend we pulled out the suitcases and I helped him pick out the clothes and the “select” toys he could bring. This way, when we get to resort, he already knows what he has with him. He does not ask for things we did not pack. I find this works really well for us. Plus, they may have reasoning you never thought of. I told my son (last trip, and again this one) to pick out 5 shirts. He picked out 5 Philadelphia Phillies shirts and 1 flyers shirt. I said why? He said because that way everyone who sees him will know he is from Philadelphia. OK, so 5 Phillies shirts it is.

I also like to show him the brochure and website before we go, so he has some familiarity when we get there. It’s a really big adjustment for children not only being in a new country, but also sleeping in a new place. So right now he is anxious to see the pool from the brochure and the room he saw the photos of.

I know you can’t plan for everything when you travel, but doing a few little things ahead of time, will make your families journey much easier. Follow Apple Vacations’ blog “The Juice” over the next week to see some fabulous reviews and photos of resorts in Riviera Maya and to get some helpful travel tips.

PS – The Suitcases are stored in the same closet as the Halloween costumes.

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