Thumbs up to Preferred Perks!

airport-and-now-004Travel Like a Rock Star (or a STRESS-LESS happy Family) when you purchase Preferred Perks on Apple Vacations flights via USA3000 Airlines. I MORE THAN enjoyed Preferred Perks today on my flight to Cancun and it made my (early) morning flight sooooooooooo much easier.

As any mom knows, traveling with kids takes a lot of planning. The easier I can make any aspect of my trip is better for me. One easy way to start out the vacation is right at the time of booking with Preferred Perks!

airport-and-now-003With USA3000 Airlines Preferred Perks you receive: Preferred check-in line at the airport for faster, hassle-free check-in. Preferred boarding, Preferred seating in the front of the aircraft, Preferred luggage bag tag so your luggage is given priority when coming off the airplane. Yes, it comes off first so you can catch your transfer and start your vacation!

What Preferred Perks Meant to this mom: We arrived at the USA3000 Airlines ticket counter right at 5 AM this morning, This was 2 exactly hours prior to departure to Cancun. So… we arrived basically the same time as the rest of the passengers on our flight. The regular check-in line was about 50 people long, moving quickly, but still 50 people. The Preferred Perks aisle had NO ONE in it. airport-and-now-002We walked right up to the counter with passports and confirmation in hand, and were checked in and on the elevator to the gate within 4 minutes literally. They put a special gold bag tag on our luggage to show we were Preferred Perks passengers. They advised our luggage would be first to be unloaded off the plane in Cancun (and it was!). When it was time to board, we were able to go first, giving us a few extra valuable minutes to get situated in our seats. This is helpful so that iPods, DVD players and books can all be in place for easy access during the flight. Preferred Perks made our airport experience very smooth and set a great tone for the rest of the vacation. It is always nice to start your vacation off on the right foot!

When booking your next Apple Vacations via USA3000 Airlines book Preferred Perks, you’ll thank me later. After all, vacations are for moms too right?

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