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airport-and-now-0061Flying to Cancun on USA3000 Airlines last week I had a realization – The flights on USA3000 Airlines to Mexico & The Caribbean are quite unique. Everyone is going on vacation. There are no “business” travelers going from point A to point B and back. Everyone is going somewhere to have a good time: a destination wedding, a family vacation, a weekend girls getaway, a golf trip or a romantic vacation – just to name a few. Because of this, the attitude of the passengers is so much more fun than a normal flight. The flight crew also tries to make the experience much more fun than a regular flight. The flight crew was excellent on my recent trip to Cancun.

On our flight the captain often communicated with the passengers – even simple things about how long to get to our vacation destination and what time we would arrive (so we could plan what time we would be on the beach!) The crew even played “the dollar game.” Everyone on the flight (who wanted to) put in a dollar and one lucky winner was over $100 richer by the time she landed in Cancun.

The flight was lots of fun and I can say my vacation truly started the moment I stepped on the plane thanks to the crew of USA3000 Airlines!

3 thoughts on “USA3000 Airlines

  1. Not to mention that, because it’s charter and not standard commercial, we leave when everyone arrives! Which is usually early, since we’re all going on vacation. I can’t tell you the number of times we have arrived at our vacation destination EARLY!!!

  2. Love those charters. It gets me from MKE to CUN before noon. More beachtime for all.

  3. USA 3000 ruined our vacation for us. I would not recommend ever flying on this airline. Their customer service skills suck

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