The Facebook “Like” button is now on Apple Vacations’ Hotel pages

likebtnDid you notice the Facebook “Like” button is now on all of the Apple Vacations Hotel pages on

I know not everyone has access in the office to Facebook. So here are the details:

When you are on a hotel page of, such as Secrets Sanctuary Capa Cana, and click on the “like” button you will now be prompted to sign into Facebook (if you are not already).

After you click “like” you will have a link added to YOUR Facebook wall showing that you “like” the hotel that you clicked on (in this case Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana).

For example:
Larry likes Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana on

On Facebook if you click on “Secrets Sanctuary Capa Cana” it hyperlinks directly to the hotel page on our website. If you click on “” it hyperlinks to our home page.

This will also appear in your friends’ Facebook feed from you:

Larry Touhill likes Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana on

Each hotel page will keep a running tally of all people who “like” that hotel page!

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