Why Apple Vacations?

OK, so I wrote a blog a few weeks ago about why Travel Agents & Apple Vacations and not On-Line Booking Sites. It reminded me of an e-mail I got a few years ago from a media executive that I had in resort at the time a hurricane hit. I edited it, but after you read it I think you’ll know why… there is nothing better than Apple Vacations! The e-mail speaks for itself.

Man when you guys set up a vacation, you think of everything. I cannot tell you how much Susan, you and Apple Vacations meant to me and my wife especially because of adventure we wound up in. The clout Apple has is unbelievable.  Everyone, and I do mean everyone, was turned away at the airport road unless they were with Apple Vacations.  Thousands of people. The (Mexican) Army was turning away buses, taxis and people on foot. It looked like something out of a movie.  We got waved thru like we were rock stars.

Let me tell you about your guy at Secrets. What a nice guy.  He evacuated us & he brought his girlfriend to the shelter to be with us.  The guy did not stop. He was getting out when he could to get the information to brief us.  When we went back to the hotel put on a clean Apple shirt and was rocking with any information he could get! He banged on our door at 2:30 in the morning (no electricity — so he was running around with a flashlight) to tell us to be ready in the morning to split. What a guy.

Secrets Capri ran the crisis like a precision drill team.  The GM was cool collected and ran his employees better than a commando leader. I sent a letter to AMResorts commending him and his employees.

Thank you so much for the information you were getting to my staff and more importantly to my daughter. The hardest part of the whole thing was not being able to tell our daughter we were OK.  We were out of contact with her for almost 5 days, and I know getting info from Apple helped comfort her. You guys are the best and I will tell everyone I know that when it comes to Vacations if they don’t go with Apple Vacations, they are risking their lives!

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