Celebrating Milestones on an Apple Vacation

My niece Angie with my son in Riviera Maya.

My niece Angie with my son in Riviera Maya.

There is no better time spent… then with your loved ones on an Apple Vacation!

My last trip I took my niece, who is my God daughter, away on vacation to Riviera Maya. We were celebrating her graduation from LaSalle University. The people behind us on the airplane were doing the very same thing! A woman was taking her God daughter away to celebrate her graduation from West Chester University. It was a fun week for both of the graduates and a great way to reward their accomplishment (before sending them off of to the working world)!

As my husband approaches milestone birthday, I have already set wheels in motion to take him away for a relaxing vacation. I know I love being away for my birthday with people waiting on me and catering to me!

So what do you plan to celebrate this year? And why not celebrate on an Apple Vacation!

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