Costa Rica Excursion report from James Reese!

sunCosta Rica is famous for Zip Lines — including the Canopy Tour which we did! We arrived at the jungle area greeted by the English speaking operator for Congo Canopy Tours. We then headed up hill to an open-air building to suit up & fitted out with a harness, gloves and hardhat.

We then headed up hill to the first platform — via a suspended bridge — over a beautiful river gorge. The operators gave easy instructions on what to expect and how to handle myself.

Then, the first jump! WOW! If you have never experienced this particular type of excursion, you have to add it to your bucket list! It’s invigorating and exhilarating! Zipping down a line at 25 miles per hour is something you will NEVER forget!

The excursion included 9 lines (one was over 900 feet long) and several additional suspended bridges. The beauty of it all was just amazing! !There were monkeys everywhere (probably laughing at me — HA)!

The only thing I would suggest to you is make sure you understand that there is climbing and lots of walking involved — not an excursion for anyone with mobility issues. A FANTASTIC experience!!!

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