Is your passport in good shape?

Check your passport BEFORE traveling and MAKE SURE it is not damaged or tattered. Did you wash it, or jump in a pool with it? If it is damaged this could result in your denied boarding! A passport is a legal document! Make sure your passport is in good condition to travel. Read on … for the information I just read about.

There are many ways a passport can be damaged. Even if the picture can be seen or we may think that it is legible, the people that are checking the document could have a different opinion. Look for a faded picture, water damage, torn pages and anything else that could be considered to “alter” the look of the passport.

Some things that can happen to a passport that can cause damage are: dropping it in water, dropping it in a pool, carrying it in a back pocket where it gets creased, spilling something on it or taking it to the beach.

Customs officials look closely at a passport that appears to be altered in any way and they have the right to refuse entry if they think these alterations were done to falsify the document. It is better to replace the passport versus risking denied entry and ruining your vacation!

Steps for replacing a damaged passport are similar to replacing an expired passport. The applicant must fill out a passport replacement form and submit the form in the mail along with the damaged passport. Expediting a damaged passport is also similar. A passport may be expedited for a fee of $60 plus shipping. This fee is charged in addition to the normal passport replacement fee. The U.S. Department of State estimates that an expedited damaged passport replacement takes 2 – 3 weeks to process.

Don’t be disappointed and check your passport ahead of time! We know every minute of your vacation is precious and we don’t want you to miss out.

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